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SANDVIPER – Leading a Refined Evolution of Athletic Wears

The Refined Evolution of Athletic Wears

We worked hard to make them so nice.

Elemental Precision

A sand viper is a natural, elemental creature which moves through sand effortlessly and changes direction with uncanny precision … our signature sand-function shoe was made to be thin and sleek & to glide through the sand much like the snake.

Sand Training Basics

Sandviper 101

Signature Sand Shoe
Key Benefits

Lock-Tight Seal System

Velcro strap used to prevent the entry of sand or any material into the shoe.

Rubber Material

Durable rubber-based materials are used in every aspect of the shoe design to reduce wear and protect from elements, to include the embossed base material ensuring a secure snug fit.

Lycra Neoprene Upper

The smooth elastic material conforms beautifully to the foot to create a sleek, sock-like fit.

Designed with a fashion accent.

Engineered for function

The Sandviper brand was born from a functional need but its roots are laid equally in the world of fashion. We believe that looking good and playing good suit each other very well.


The New Functional-Luxury Brand | Leading a Refined Evolution of Athletic Wears