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SANDVIPER – Leading a Refined Evolution of Athletic Wears

The Next Major

Say hello to the next major brand.

The Next Major

Our core objective was to build a functional shoe solving the sand-in-shoe problem enabling athletes across the skill spectrum to achieve complete workouts in sand environments with zero discomfort from sand entry and subsequent chaffing. Our vision is to grow this niche into a complete product offering company and THE NEXT MAJOR™ brand to include cross-functional lifestyle sneakers like our trendy URSINIIs as shown/worn in the adjacent pics.

Join the movement.

Influence The Movement

Our fan base is growing with each passing day. The pictures you see adjacent to this writing are just a small sampling of our team of Instagram influencers who have bought into the vision that Sandviper will be THE NEXT MAJOR™ brand. The buzz is growing louder and louder so if you consider yourself an influencer or just want to join the movement, pick up your gear today and DM us @teamsandviper and we’ll save you a spot in our story!

What you should know about sand training.

Sand Training 101

In staying true to our roots, we wanted to provide some guidance for your next sand training session. Whether you prefer to wear sneakers or not, this quick read is worth your time. Enjoy!

Signature Sand Shoe
Key Benefits

Lock-Tight Seal System

Velcro strap used to prevent the entry of sand or any material into the shoe.

Rubber Material

Durable rubber-based materials are used in every aspect of the shoe design to reduce wear and protect from elements, to include the embossed base material ensuring a secure snug fit.

Lycra Neoprene Upper

The smooth elastic material conforms beautifully to the foot to create a sleek, sock-like fit.

Designed with a fashion accent.

Engineered for function

The Sandviper brand was born from a functional need but its roots are laid equally in the world of fashion. We believe that looking good and playing good suit each other very well.


The Next Major | Leading a Refined Evolution of Athletic Wears