This is our workshop

SANDVIPER is a new shoe brand that was inspired by the need to provide beach/sand athletes with a shoe that is lightweight with sneaker-like support and cushioning – along with a patented design that provides a completely sand-free experience keeping all sand and materials out of the shoe.

We’ve also created a fashion focused shoe line under the Sandviper brand, which uses a 100% pure silk fabric for the upper section of the shoe. The shoe also has a unique design element that includes a vertical zipper entry point located at the back of the shoe.

Our core objective was to build a functional shoe solving the sand-in-shoe problem enabling athletes across the skill spectrum to achieve complete workouts in sand environments with zero discomfort from sand entry and subsequent chaffing.

We are committed to a continuously innovative culture while delivering game-changing products to sand training athletes of all skill levels.

We hope you enjoy your new pair of Sandvipers and welcome you in becoming a Team Sandviper athlete!

Every detail counts

From the very first renderings, the focus was to create a laces-free, slip-on shoe utilizing form-fitting materials that would conform to the foot and shin area in a sock-like fashion.  We are committed to perfecting this concept as the evolution of the shoe continues.